Vapiano Menu | Helsinki, Finland July 2024

At Vapiano, our menu is inspired by authentic and straightforward Italian cuisine. We offer a variety of dishes including pizzas, pasta, salads, antipasti, and desserts, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate. With a focus on freshness and quality, we adhere to our international slogan “Vapiano – Home of Freshness.”

Our restaurants span across five continents and 33 countries, boasting over 230 locations globally. The inaugural Vapiano opened its doors in Hamburg, Germany, in 2002. Operated by the Apollo group, Vapiano has two locations in Helsinki, four in Estonia (three in Tallinn, one in Tartu), one in Riga, and one in Vilnius. Explore our Vapiano Menu to discover the flavors of Italy served with freshness and simplicity.

Vapiano Menu
Vapiano Mikonkatu
Vapiano Mikonkatu
Vapiano Helsinki, Finland

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Vapiano Near Me

Vapiano Mikonkatu

Mikonkatu 15, 00100 Helsinki
+358 40 3559968
[email protected]

Vapiano Itis

Kauppakeskus Itis, Itäkatu 1-7, 00930 Helsinki
+358 40 5007059
[email protected]

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