Ravintola Halikarnas Menu: Savory Halal Food in Helsinki

Welcome to Ravintola Halikarnas in Helsinki, where we serve delicious Halal Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. Our menu is a feast of flavors, offering a variety of options from salads and mezes to grilled foods, chicken dishes, seafood, and tempting desserts. Join us for a Lounas or dinner experience, exploring our diverse menu crafted for every taste. Whether you’re a fan of grilled delicacies, flavorful chicken dishes, or refreshing salads, we have something for everyone. Our commitment to providing Halal food ensures that every dish is prepared with care and authenticity. Indulge in our vegetarian options or savor the taste of our seafood creations. At Ravintola Halikarnas, we bring the essence of Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine to Helsinki, inviting you to enjoy a memorable dining experience with Ravintola Halikarnas Menu.

Salaads and Mezes

Grilled Foods

Chicken Dishes

Vegetarian Dishes




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