Eerikin Pippuri Kebab Menu July 2024 : Finland’s Largest Halal Food Chain

Eerikin Pippuri started its journey in 1997, operating in a small 23-square-meter space on Eerikinkatu. Over 21 successful years, it has become Finland’s largest kebab restaurant chain, with locations in both Helsinki and Tampere. The key to Eerikin Pippuri’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to a consistent kebab recipe that excludes any use of flour in the meat preparation, ensuring Halal authenticity. Whether it’s Lounas or dinner, day or night, Eerikin Pippuri Kebab Menu warmly welcomes you at any time. With doors always open, it continues to serve its signature kebab delights to patrons throughout the day and night.


Chicken Kebabs



Chicken Tenderloins

Salmon Steak


Beef Tenderloin

Grilled Broiler

Vegan Döner


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