King Kebab Menu: Helsinki’s Lounas Haven

Indulge in a royal feast at King Kebab in Helsinki! Our diverse menu caters to all tastes, featuring succulent Kebabs, flavorful Chicken options, mouthwatering Chicken Fillets, and the unique Vöner. Treat your palate to a symphony of flavors with our delectable Pizzas. Whether you’re on a lunch break or seeking a delightful dinner, our lounas options ensure a satisfying meal at any time. Immerse yourself in the gastronomic excellence of King Kebab, where each dish is crafted with precision. Discover the epitome of taste and variety at King Kebab Menu – your gateway to a culinary kingdom in Helsinki

Kebab Menu

Chicken Menu

Chicken Fillets Menu

Vöner Menu

Pizzas (Laajasalo and Herttoniemi)

Vegan Pizzas Selection

Additional Pizza Toppings

Kebab and Chicken with Double Meat

Extra French Fries

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