Café Kahvipuu Menu: Tasty Choices for Everyone in Tampere

Welcome to Café Kahvipuu in the heart of Tampere, where every visit is a delightful journey through our carefully curated menu. Indulge in a symphony of flavors with our delectable sandwiches, crafted with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Elevate your palate with our refreshing salads, a perfect blend of crisp greens and tantalizing dressings.

Café Kahvipuu menu extends beyond savory delights, offering an array of sweet delicacies that are a treat for your taste buds. From irresistible pastries to mouthwatering desserts, each bite is a moment of pure indulgence. Whether you’re seeking a light lunch or a sweet escape, Café Kahvipuu invites you to savor the finest in every delightful dish. Join us for a culinary experience that transforms every visit into a memorable occasion.

Breakfast Box



Sweet delicacies

Juomat (Drinks)

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