Pizzeria Napoli Tampere Menu: Italian Taste in Finland

Welcome to the Italian fast food journey with Pizzeria Napoli Tampere Menu, where our diverse offerings cater to your every craving. Delight in authentic Italian pizzas, boasting a thin, crispy crust, or indulge in the heartiness of thick pan pizzas. Explore beyond pizzas with our rich pasta and fresh salads, allowing you to curate the perfect meal.

Customize your experience by choosing your favorites, experimenting with new flavors, or selecting the finest toppings for your pizza. Our commitment to dietary preferences includes normal-sized pizzas with a gluten-free crust, with the option of vegan cheese. Revel in the inviting Italian restaurant atmosphere and savor the finest pizzas in town. Join us for a delectable Lounas experience that transcends the ordinary!

Located in the city center, Tampere’s oldest pizzeria, established in 1978, offers a diverse menu with unique toppings in an Italian setting. With over a hundred pizzas, it’s one of Finland’s and possibly Europe’s most extensive menus. Choose from nearly fifty toppings, including traditional and exotic options like ostrich meat and black sausage for a delightful culinary adventure. Our offerings go beyond pizzas, featuring rich pasta, fresh salads, and tempting desserts and beverages. As a fully licensed establishment, we also serve alcohol for a complete dining experience.

Pizzeria Napoli Tampere Menu

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